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When you have shown us that you are able to take on the added responsibilities, you may become a Sixer. As a Sixer you are leader of your Six and need to help the Leaders in their running of the night. You will be expected to:
Look after and help new Cubs
Show them where things arewhere to hang their coat and where the toilets are, explain pack rules, what they are meant to do and where they are meant to be at any time – help them have fun
Teach younger Cubs new skills
Give them help with things you may have done before Look after your six Make sure your Six is quiet and presentable for Flag break – Set them a good example yourself
Help the Leaders
Help set out and tidy away equipment and tables at the beginning and end of the night and other things we might ask you to do
Lead your Six in team games
Take a leading role in Flag Break
Lead the Grand Howl
Contribute ideas to the Pack
Programme Help give out letters at the end of the meeting
Read a prayer or short reading at the end of the night