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1927 Scout Camp at Bourton

SCOUT CAMP AT BOURTON 1927 Top Row – from left

?, Mrs Weaver, Mrs Morris, ?, Mrs Fry, ?, Mrs Brookes, Mrs Eakets, Mr Eakets, ?, Second Row – from left

Cecil Hopton, ?, ?, E Fear, ?, Mr and Mrs Marshall, ?, A Marshall, Marshall’s Sister, Rev Neale, ?, Mrs Homer, Mrs Neather (Kits grandmother), “Sausage” Martin (scout), Mr Fry, Mrs Peacey, Mr Peacey,

Third Row – from left

Mrs V Cooper, ?, Mrs Protherough with Phyllis, ?, Mrs Fear, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Paine, ?, Mrs James, Mrs Hopton, Mrs Neather and Hazel, ?, ?,

Bottom Row – from left

Colin ? (Copt Elm Rd), Ken Protherough, Vera Protherough, Pat Brookes, Dorothy Eaketts, Joan Bond, Molly Protherough, K.Paine (self), Leslie Paine, M Paine, Annie Weaver, Betty Weaver, Bob Weaver, G Cox,

Photograph lent by Mrs Sheppard

Extract from Charlton Kings Local History Society Spring 1995 Volume 33 page 17

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