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1920s – Group at a Scout Camp


Back row

Unknown Unknown Unknown Fred
Mr Hopton Unknown Unknown

Middle row

E J Fear Unk’n Unknown Mrs Cooper Mrs Fear
of E J
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unk’n Unk’n A Scout

Front row

(of Church St)
and daughter Maisy
Mrs Williams Unknown Unknown Rev Edgar Neale Rev Leonard Smith Mrs Protherough
(of Brevel Cottage)
and Phyllis
her youngest
daughter Molly
Dorothy Williams (now Mrs Bannister) Mrs Neather and Hazel (now Mrs Parkes) Unknown

Mrs Parkes’ photograph

(1) Scout Camp photograph (Bulletin 28)

John Williams says the lady on the right hand side of the Vicar is his mother Mrs Williams of Grayshott, Copt Elm Road, who always supported the Scouts. Standing next to her is Mrs Haver who worked for her.

Extract from Charlton Kings Local History Society Autumn 1992 Volume 28 pages 29 and Autumn 1993 Volume 30 Page 34

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