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1919 approx

Photograph lent by Mr. H.G. Ellard

This photograph (rather faded) shows the Revd Edgar Neale in the centre with Jimmy Thorne, Scoutmaster, next to him and then Mrs Griffiths of Oakfield, Battledown, the Troop’s “fairy godmother” who helped them whenever anything was needed. She wears a winter coat and hat. The boy with the drum stick is St Clair Welch. As there are cubs in the front row, this photograph must have been taken after c.1917-8 when they were first introduced; and not long after the 1914-18 War as two men in the back row are still in uniform. George Ryland who is in civvies was demobbed early.

The back row, left to right, is probably “Boss” Fry, Cathrine from Lilleybrook (with the patch over his eye), soldier, George Ryland, Mr Sharpe of Coxhorne, Grevill Hamlett the undertaker, ?, soldier.

Thorne was Scoutmaster till September 1925. He was succeeded by K.G.Cleveley for a year and then by Mr Fear. Mrs Griffiths died on 25 April 1926.

Extract from Charlton Kings Local History Society Spring 1989 Volume 21 pages 19

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